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SASE Higher Apprenticeships – Impact of Change in Funding Rules

10th July 2019

Changes in the Apprenticeship funding rules for 2018/19 impacts existing SASE Higher Apprenticeship frameworks in that it states that those undertaking a Level 3 or Higher Apprenticeship are required to hold, or achieve as part of their Apprenticeship, a Level 2 qualification in both English and Maths. Furthermore, the funding rules state that, to attract government funding, at least 20% of the Apprentice’s paid hours, over the planned duration of the Apprenticeship training period, must be spent on off-the-job training.

All training providers are aware of this change as it came into effect on the 1st August 2018. However SASE regulations were not updated at the same time and therefore do not require those on a Higher Apprenticeship to achieve Level 2 English and Maths as mandatory requirements or to undertake 20% of off-the-job training.

DfE, have confirmed that, given the transition to Apprenticeship Standards, there are no plans to revise and reissue SASE to reflect these changes but that Training Providers will be expected to comply with funding rules when accessing public funding for the provision of their Apprenticeship delivery, and maybe audited

They do accept that for those Apprentices who are currently in learning and/or due to complete their Apprenticeship, and have not met these requirements, it would not be fair for them to be denied their Apprenticeship certificate.

Therefore for any Apprentices starting a Higher Apprenticeship on or after 01/08/2019, there will be the requirement for them to have achieved Level 2 English and Maths and fulfil the 20% off the job training requirement to align certification with funding rules

For the purposes of certification, for Higher Apprenticeship learners starting after 01/08/2019, Certification Bodies will review each claim against the requirements of the current framework document and, in addition, evidence of English and Maths achievement will be required to be submitted.

So from 01/08/2019, all current SASE Higher Apprenticeship framework documents will display a banner message, on the front cover, to remind Employers/Providers that the achievement of Level 2 English and Maths and the completion of 20% off the job training are conditions of funding and that the ACE claim will require the relevant achievement evidence to be uploaded.

If you have any questions relating to this then please contact the ACE support team via or by calling 0300 303 4444.

Apprenticeship Certification Checklist.

8th July 2019

In an effort to improve the service we provide we have revised and updated the Apprenticeship Certification Checklist on how to make a successful ACE claim.

If you have any questions relating to this then please contact the ACE support team via or by calling 0300 303 4444.

ACE360: Free webinar information sessions for Training Providers

3rd July 2019

ACE360 Apprenticeship Management

The Federation for Industry Sector Skills and Standards is delighted to announce that we are hosting a series of webinar information sessions on the ACE360 Apprenticeship Management System.


Our next information sessions for training providers take place on the following dates:


8th July 2019: 13:30pm Sign up here


25th July 2019 10:00am Sign up here


6th August 2019 10:00am Sign up here


20th August 2019 10:00am Sign up here


ACE360 is an industry-wide Apprenticeship management system that enables you to manage Apprenticeship Standards efficiently, securely, and paper free. You can find out more about ACE360’s benefits to training providers here