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Acceptable Evidence Guidance – 23rd March – Update

23rd March 2016

On the 1st of December 2015, we updated the latest version of the Acceptable Evidence Guidance for ACE.  Since then, thanks to the responses we have received we have been able to make the following updates:


New Pages


  • A dedicated GNVQ page has been created.
  • ASDAN has signed up to the guidance and now has a dedicated page.
  • NOCN has signed up to the guidance and now has a dedicated page.
  • ILM/CGLI has signed up to the guidance and now has a dedicated page.

Additions to Existing Pages


  • CII has added an Unacceptable example to their page.
  • IMI have added updated versions of certification evidence

Thank you to everyone who has supported the update to this guidance. We plan to carry out quarterly updates of the guidance if there is a sufficient supply of new evidence suitable for inclusion. If you would like to submit an evidence example for consideration please contact the Support Team. 


The Staged Withdrawal of SASE Frameworks: The process of closing SASE frameworks for new starts will begin on 31st May 2016

2nd March 2016


As part of the transition from frameworks to Standards, the staged withdrawal of SASE frameworks will commence on 31st May 2016.


BIS have published a list of the first seven Apprenticeship frameworks that will be closed to new starts from 1st June 2016.


NB: Any Apprentices currently on any of the frameworks being withdrawn can continue through to completion and will be awarded their Apprenticeship Completion Certificate in the usual way.


The transition from frameworks to Standards will be a staged process and will continue until all frameworks are closed in 2020.  Appropriate notice periods will be given before the scheduled withdrawal date for any framework.


For further information and details on the first batch of frameworks being withdrawn please visit: