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Festive Office Closure

20th December 2013


Please note the ACE team will not be available from 3pm on 24th December 2013 until 9am on 3rd January 2014.


Please email any queries to the ACE team,, and we will reply as soon as possible when we return after the holidays. However if you need urgent assistance on 2nd January you can call Alison Bucknell on 07850 642 576 or Yvonne Ryan on 07772 999 462.


Thank you for working with us over the past year, and we hope you all have a lovely Christmas break and a fantastic 2014.


Checking for Duplicate Candidates

19th December 2013

During yesterday’s ACE updates we have implemented an extra check which will hopefully prevent the same candidate being submitted and paid for more than once on ACE.


This extra check will be performed when a candidate’s status is changed from Entered to Pending Certification. The system will now automatically look for any candidate records on ACE which have the following same details:



  • NI Number
  • Framework
  • Level
  • Pathway


If these four values match an existing candidate record (which is not marked as having been deleted) within the database a warning message will be displayed and you will not be able to change the status of the candidate.


If you have any questions regarding this change please contact the ACE team on



ACE System Upgrade on 18th December 2013

13th December 2013


The ACE system will be unavailable for use from 8am on 18th December until 8am on Thursday 19th December to enable significant upgrade work to be undertaken.


Thank you for your understanding.



Changes to Bulk upload fields

13th December 2013

In line with the recent system developments we have updated the ACE Bulk Upload Template. From the 19th of December 2013, Please use the following template for all bulk uploads to avoid errors


New Bulk upload Template


New bulk upload guidance will be available on the bulk upload section of the ACE website from the 19th of December. A brief summary of the changes are as follows:


Fields added:


Middle name

Employer Sector (Mandatory field)



Fields Removed:

End Date


Changes to Employer Sector Field

13th December 2013

A new mandatory field will be added to ACE. The employer sector field will allow for a greater understanding of the employers you work with. On the 19th December a new drop down will appear on the employer details asking you to choose one of the following options:


– Agriculture, forestry and fishing

– Information and communication technologies


– Care
– Real estate and facilities management


– Construction, building services
– Transport and storage engineering and planning


– Creative media and entertainment


– Education


– Energy production and utilities


– Health


– Hospitality, Tourism and Sport


– Information and communication technologies


– Real estate and facilities management


– Transport and storage


– Wholesale and retail trade


– Financial, insurance & other professional services


– Government


– Manufacturing


PLEASE NOTE: You will be expected to enter this information for all candidates at Entered or Rejected status on ACE. You will not be able to submit a candidate for certification without entering this information.


Non-working days in the ACE system 2013/2014

13th December 2013


Please note the following days will be counted as non-working days in the ACE system so will not be counted as days elapsed. The ACE system will still be available on these days, except the 18th December 2013 click here for more information.



18th December                  System Downtime due to upgrades

25th December                  Christmas Day

26th December                  Boxing Day

27th December                  Festive Break

30th December                  Festive Break

31st December                   New Year’s Eve



1st January                          New Year’s day

2nd January                         ACE office Closure

18th April                            Good Friday

21st April                             Easter Monday

5th May                               Early May bank Holiday

26th May                             Spring Bank Holiday

25th Aug                             Summer Bank Holiday

25th Dec                              Christmas Day

26th Dec                              Boxing Day