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How to Use ACE 2.0

Click the topics below for step-by-step instructions on how to use ACE 2.0


01. Getting Started (3 Topics)

How do I check my computer meets the minimum specification?

Using ACE Please check to see that the computer you are using meets the following requirements below and has the features listed on the right set as enabled. This is to ensure that your use of this application is as … Continue reading

Is there a minimum specification for computers that you recommend to get optimum performance from the ACE System?

For optimum performance we recommend:   — 3MB broadband connection (or faster) — Gigahertz (GHz) processor (or faster) — 2GB of RAM (or more) — No hard disk requirement. ACE is a web-based system that requires no software to be … Continue reading

What browser do you recommend using for the ACE System?

For full functionality we recommend using Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera. You may encounter some display issues when using Microsoft Internet Explorer. Please note we only support Internet Explorer 11 onwards.

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02. Customer Service (26 Topics)


Once logged in you will see the Certification Body dashboard.   This dashboard shows you the Certification Bodies that your ACE account is linked to.   In order to proceed, select the Certification Body by clicking on the appropriate box. … Continue reading

There are several people in my organisation who need access to ACE, do we all need to register?

No, only one person per Training Provider, College or Employer (known as a “Centre”) needs to register. They will be set up as an Administrator account for the organisation. They will be issued with an ACE username and password. The … Continue reading

How To Add / Edit Users

To add a new user:   — Select the Users Tab and click Add User‚.   — Enter all of the information ensuring that the contact details are correct.   — Once complete, select Create Item.   Note: in order … Continue reading

I need to create more users but the system won’t let me.

If additional user accounts need to be added then the Centre User will be able to set up accounts for colleagues to access the system.   For more information on how to add users, see How To Add / Edit … Continue reading

How to Disable User Accounts

Within the ACE system you are able to disable ACE user accounts. This will keep the history of the user’s activity but will mean that they no longer have access to the system. Only the Centre Admin User can make … Continue reading

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03. Bulk Upload (5 Topics)


This guide is designed to take you through the Bulk Upload process step by step. It has been designed to be interactive and so when you see text in this format: example link, it means that there is a link … Continue reading

How Do I Access The Bulk Upload Facility?

  In order to use the Bulk Upload facility you will need to log into Once logged in under the Apprentices tab you will see the option Bulk Upload ‚.   This will take you to the Bulk Upload … Continue reading

Bulk Upload Codes

The spreadsheet requires all mandatory fields to be completed for the Apprentice and Employer details. Both of these have drop down menus for selections to be made such as ethnicity and gender. Where there is a drop down menu, a … Continue reading

Bulk Upload Template – Excel Format

  When you are on the Bulk Upload page you are able to download the Excel (XLS) empty template . You can either save the file or open the document. It will open within Excel.   TIP We recommend that … Continue reading

Bulk Upload Template – CSV Format

  Please note, if you wish to use the CSV method for Bulk Upload, you will need to contact the ACE Support team for the CSV file. Once you have the file you will be able to follow this guidance … Continue reading

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04. Central Payment System (8 Topics)

Central Payment System Guidance

  The Federation has developed a centralised payment system for all Apprenticeship completion certifications processed on the ACE system.   There are three options for paying through the payment system:   1. Pre-pay by credit card.   2. Pre-pay by … Continue reading


The Federation has developed a centralised payment system for all Apprenticeship completion certifications processed on the ACE system.   There are two options for paying through the payment system, either: 1. Pre-pay – this option will allow you to bulk … Continue reading

What is a Finance User?

A Finance User is the only person within the training organisation who will be authorised to purchase credits for Apprenticeship certification.   To become a Finance User you will need to request log in information by completing this form.   … Continue reading

Register as a Finance User

  To prepare for the implementation of the Central Payment System you can now register as a Finance User for your centre.   If you are going to purchase credits in advance only one person within the training organisation will be … Continue reading

Payment Methods – Pre-Pay by Credit Card

    Step-by-Step Instructions   Once logged into the central payment system you will see the dashboard homepage summarising recent activity in purchasing credits.     The Latest Purchase  details basic information of your previous transaction.   The Summary of … Continue reading

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05. Central Payment System (CPS) FAQs (21 Topics)

What is the Central Payment System?

The central payment system is a new function inbuilt within the Apprenticeship Certificates England (ACE) system. Previously payment was made to the Apprenticeship Certification Bodies which meant that there are more than 20 different processes for payment. The new centralised … Continue reading

Will I be refunded if I submit a learner to the wrong Certification Body?

Once a learner has been set to Pending Certification costs are incurred by the Certification Body so no refunds will be given if a candidate is submitted to the wrong Certification Body. The ACE system is designed to give users … Continue reading

I am being asked to create a Finance User account on ACE when I change a learner’s status to “Pending Certification”. Why am I being asked this?

With the introduction of the new Central Payment System each Centre is required to register a Finance User to allow you to pay for apprenticeship certificates. Please register here Once you register, your account will be fully active within … Continue reading

Am I the correct person to register for a Finance User account?

In a lot of the documentation we have used the term ‘Finance Director’ what we mean by this is the person who will be signing off any Apprenticeship Certification payments, either entering the credit card details or signing off BACs … Continue reading

I don’t have/l have misplaced my CPS login details. How do I obtain them?

Forgotten or resetting your password.  Click ‘Forgotten password’ link next to the login graphic, enter your username and email address, you will be emailed a link to reset your password. The password will need to be Alpha/Numeric with a Symbol … Continue reading

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6. ACE Frequently Asked Questions (1 Topics)

What is your Customer Service Charter?

Support provided to our customers by the Federation and our network of Certificating Bodies (CBs) is crucial for the long term health and quality of the Apprenticeship Certification service.   This Customer Charter sets out minimum levels of service that … Continue reading

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7. ACE Rules (1 Topics)

ACE Rules

TERMS OF USE These are the Terms of Use for the Federation for Industry Sector Skills & Standards, a company incorporated in Scotland (registered number SC175918) with registered office at 64A Cumberland Street Edinburgh EH3 6RE (the “Federation”) in relation … Continue reading

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