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Automated Data Transfer Facility

28th July 2017

As you will all be aware the new Automated Data Transfer Facility in ACE was launched on Monday 31st July.
Using your learner’s ULN and name, you are able to automatically download their personal details and previous qualifications and achievements that are held on their Personal Learning Record.  This facility saves you precious processing time by reducing the requirement for manual uploads, whilst confirming your learner’s previous achievements.
You will see a slight change to the first screen you use in ACE.  It will only show the ULN and learner’s name fields.  This is all you are required to complete to instigate the automated data transfer service.  There is nothing additional that you need to do, simply log in on in the usual manner and away you go.
The Federation team have developed a comprehensive user guide and FAQ’s for you to refer to and these can be found under the knowledge base tab.


As usual, the Federation team and your Certification Body are available to answer any queries, however, we are confident that you will find that the new facility is very easy and intuitive to use and you will quickly see the benefits to your day to day processes.
It must be stressed that this is an additional tool to use for the certification process and by no means removes the ability to manually upload achievements or information when required. In fact, in some cases, you will still need to manually upload some evidence documents as it is not always possible to fully verify all of the required qualifications required for a framework, using a learner’s Personal Learning Record.
We hope that you like the new system and utilise it fully.

The Federation