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27th June 2013



A new notification tool will be implemented into ACE this weekend. This new feature will allow the Federation to send information directly to ACE users. Your notifications inbox will appear on the bottom toolbar of ACE as shown above. Whenever you receive a new notification the link will turn red and the number of unread notifications will appear in brackets.


Initially we plan use the new functionality for two types of communications:


• Rejection notices – These will now appear under the notifications tab. The system will continue to send rejection emails as an a alternative.


• Federation Updates – Future ACE updates and System Support team notices will be communicated via the notifications tab



Over the coming weeks we hope to expand this to include new notifications that show when a certificate has been printed and to warn users that a candidate has been sitting at rejected for over 100 days. If you believe there are other ways the notification system could be used to help you then please let us know. It is only with your feedback that we can continue to improve the system.



System upgrade and rejected learners

12th June 2013


First of all, thanks for your patience while we carried out the system maintenance on Friday. The new features have gone live and we hope you see an improvement in system performance. Any problems or general feedback please let us know.


We managed to squeeze one more upgrade in over the weekend. You can now edit every field when a candidate is rejected including start/completion dates and framework/level/pathway. This means you no longer have to phone the ACE Support Team to get candidates unlocked before making amendments.


PLEASE REMEMBER- After making a change to a candidates record on ACE, you need to click the update button at the bottom of the screen to confirm the save. If you change a candidate over to a new framework, you will lose the evidence you have uploaded against this candidate when you click the update button. This is because the evidence requirements are different from framework to framework. Please re-upload your evidence before submitting the candidate for certification.




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10th June 2013

On Thursday 7th Dec

New Password Policy Implementation

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