Acceptable Evidence



Welcome to our online Acceptable Evidence Guidance. Here you will find examples of different evidence types from a range of Awarding Organisations.


Each Awarding Organisation has their own page in the guidance and there you will find examples of evidence types that can be accepted as part of an Apprenticeship Completion certificate claim because they meet all of the regulatory and quality requirements. You will also see examples of evidence types that are not acceptable.


All the evidence examples included in this guidance have been reviewed and agreed with each of the relevant Awarding Organisations. They have confirmed with us what can be accepted as robust evidence of learner achievement and what cannot.


We have endeavoured to include as many examples of evidence types as we can, from a large range of Awarding Organisations, but we are aware that it will not be exhaustive. We are keen to develop this guidance on an ongoing basis and we need your help to do this.


If you have examples of learner achievement evidence that you believe may be acceptable but it is not currently included in our online guidance then please let us know. You can do this by contacting the ACE Support Team via the online Helpdesk. Please include an example of the evidence that you believe may be acceptable and specify to which Awarding Organisation it relates.


Our team will review all evidence submitted, liaise with the relevant Awarding Organisation and make a decision as to whether or not it can be added to the online guidance as being acceptable or unacceptable. Please note that in addition to building on our library of acceptable evidence examples, it is equally important that we build a library of unacceptable evidence.


How to use the Online Acceptable Evidence Guidance

  • Use the A-Z ribbon across the top of the page to click on the letter that corresponds to the first letter of the Awarding Organisation whose evidence you wish to check.
    NB: Only letters with information associated with them are available. If a letter is greyed out then we currently have no evidence examples for an Awarding Organisation beginning with that letter.
  • Please note that on the right hand side of the screen there is a list of the most popular Awarding Organisation searches. You can use these links to directly access the pages for any of these listed organisations.
  • Once you have selected a letter, a drop down list will appear listing all Awarding Organisations whose name starts with the selected letter. Move down the list till you find the one you require and then click on the name. You will then be taken to the specific page of evidence types relating your chosen Awarding Organisation.
  • You will be presented with a number of images for the range of evidence types that we have currently verified with the Awarding Organisation.  These are separated into those that are Acceptable and those that are Unacceptable.
    • Acceptable evidence types are indicated by a large green tick.
    • Unacceptable evidence types are indicated by a large red cross.
    • Each Acceptable evidence type has been annotated to show the key data items and all of these must be present, complete and legible for the evidence to be accepted.
    • Click on a thumbnail to increase the size of the image. To close an image, click on the cross in the top left hand corner of the screen.
    • When you have clicked on the thumbnail if you wish to increase image size further, click on the View Full Size Button on the screen. This will open the evidence example in a new tab. Close this new tab when finished viewing the evidence.
    • If there is more than one evidence type example in a group then they are presented in a carousel. You can scroll through the evidence examples by clicking on the big arrow heads at the edges of the screen. To exit the carousel, click on the cross in the top left hand corner of the screen.
    • When you are finished reviewing the evidence examples for a particular Awarding Organisation, you can use the A-Z ribbon at the top of the current page to select a new letter if you wish to check evidence from another Awarding Organisation. Alternatively, you can navigate to elsewhere on the ACE website, using the tabs along the top of the screen, or exit the website completely.

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