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Acceptable Evidence Guidance – 5th October 2016 Update

5th October 2016


In June 2016, we updated the latest version of the Acceptable Evidence Guidance for ACE.  Since then, thanks to the responses we have received we have been able to make the following updates:


Pre-2006 Transferable Skills – Unacceptable Guidance NOW Pre-2006 Transferable Skills Evidence.


This is the most significant change that has been made to our guidance as we have greatly expanded the selection of evidence that we now deem to be acceptable. This includes examples that were previously deemed unacceptable so we urge you to take a look as soon as possible.


Additions to Existing Pages


Thank you to everyone who has supported the update to this guidance. We plan to carry out quarterly updates of the guidance if there is a sufficient supply of new evidence suitable for inclusion. If you would like to submit an evidence example for consideration please contact the Support Team.