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The Staged Withdrawal of SASE Frameworks Begins 31st May 2016 and BIS Announces The Second Batch of Framework Withdrawals

25th May 2016


In March, BIS announced the first batch of Apprenticeship Frameworks to be removed. These 7 Frameworks will be withdrawn and closed to new starts from 1st June 2016.


BIS have now published a second batch of 60 Apprenticeship Frameworks that will be withdrawn for any new starts from 1 December 2016. These frameworks have had a low number of reported starts in the 2014/2015 and the 2015/2016 funding years or have alternative provision covered by developing Apprenticeship Standards. The last date for new starts on these 60 Frameworks will be 30th November 2016.

NB: Any Apprentices currently on any of the Frameworks being withdrawn can continue through to completion and will be awarded their Apprenticeship Completion Certificate in the usual way.


The last date for new starts on withdrawn Frameworks will be updated on Apprenticeship Certificate England (ACE) and on the learning aims search on the Hub. On the agreed withdrawal date, the Frameworks will be archived on Apprenticeship Frameworks Online.


Here is a link to the list of Apprenticeship Standards currently available.


Federation Oracle

3rd May 2016

The third issue of the Federation Oracle, the one stop shop for updates from within Apprenticeships is here.


In this edition you will find information on


  • Customer Satisfaction Survey 2016 – Prize Winners
  • Staged withdrawal of SASE as we transition to Standard
  • BFG/Summit Skills