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Please note that the Federation is providing a bespoke reporting service above and beyond the commonly requested reports available on ACE2.  To request a bespoke report, complete the Report Request Form and email to  Please note, the Analytical Research Team will attempt to process your report as soon as possible, but cannot guarantee that reports will be produced less than ten working days from the request submission due to the high volume of requests.

Due to a number of Centres not yet registered for Super Centres on ACE 2.0 we regret that the reporting tools on ACE are not functioning correctly for all users.

If you have registered your Super Centre(s) on ACE 2.0 but you think your reports are incorrect please contact the ACE Support Team as it is possible one of your old Centres has not been linked to your new account.

And if you have not yet registered for Super Centre access please do so as soon as possible here.


If you have confirmed with the ACE team that all of your old Centres are now linked to new Super Centre(s) you will be able to download accurate reports from the ACE Dashboard. More information on this basic reporting can be found here.


 Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Training Centres Customer Satisfaction Survey 2017 – Summary Report
  • Certification Body Customer Satisfaction Survey 2017 – Summary Report


Useful Documents


ACE Permitted Data Use Policy



The Apprenticeships, Skills, Children and Learning Act 2009



The Specification of Apprenticeship Standards for England (SASE)


This link will take you to the SASE documentation.

There are 3 documents:

• SASE document

• Information requirement

• Guidance.