We have worked closely with CCEA to produce this comprehensive guidance and have received their approval that the examples shown are either acceptable or unacceptable evidence of learner achievement.


We will be continually reviewing and developing this guidance page and would really appreciate your feedback and help to do this.


NB: If you have an example of learner achievement evidence from CCEA, that is not currently included within this guidance, but you believe that it would be acceptable, then please send us a copy for our review and consideration. If the decision is that it should be acceptable then it will be added to our library of acceptable evidence. Equally, if it is deemed to be unacceptable we will include it in the library of unacceptable evidence examples.


Acceptable Evidence


This section has examples of ACCEPTABLE evidence and highlights the key data requirements which make them acceptable as robust confirmation of learner achievement.


Each example has a key so you can clearly see what you need to look for on your evidence. These are the key pieces of data that individual Certification Bodies will look for when checking an Apprenticeship Completion Certificate claim. Their presence ensures that the evidence being submitted meets regulatory and quality requirements and if any of these are missing, incomplete or illegible then the evidence will not be accepted and an ACE rejection will be made.


Click on a thumbnail to increase the size of the image. To close an image, click on the cross in the top left hand corner of the screen. To increase image size further, select the View Full Size Button on the screen. Scroll through the carousel of evidence examples by clicking on the big arrow heads at the edges of the screen. To exit the carousel, click on the cross in the top left hand corner of the screen.

 Unacceptable Evidence


This section has examples of evidence that we have been advised by the Awarding Organisation are UNACCEPTABLE as they do not meet the required regulatory and quality requirements for robust learner achievement


What formats of evidence are acceptable?

Any evidence that is uploaded to ACE must be a good quality with all of the required data clearly visible. The following commonly used file formats are all acceptable and are ones that we guarantee can be opened by Certification Bodies:- PDF, JPEG, DOC, TIF, PNG, ZIP.


Other formats can be uploaded to ACE but there could be an issue for Certification Bodies in opening evidence that is an unusual file format. Please note there is a 3MB file size limit and it may be necessary for files to be compressed prior to being uploaded to ACE.


Any single file that is to be used as evidence for more than one Apprenticeship component should have the correct tick boxes selected when the file is uploaded. This will ensure that a copy will be accessible from each of the selected component placeholders on the ACE Evidence Tab.


NB:  For any evidence that contains the achievement details of more than one qualification (e.g. a learner’s PLR), can you please clearly indicate which specific entry, or entries, are being submitted as learner achievement evidence.


Created 05.10.15
Updated 11.09.17