How to Make a Successful ACE Claim


Module 1: Dashboard (2.40 mins)
This video covers:

  • Logging into ACE
  • Navigating your ACE Dashboard
  • ACE Helpdesk function
  • ACE Notifications

Module 2: Adding An Apprentice Record (3.52 mins)This video covers:

  • Adding a new Apprentice record
  • Basic Information Tab
  • Employer Details Tab
  • Identifiers Tab
  • How to avoid common errors when adding a record

Module 3: Selecting Framework Details & uploading Acceptable Achievement Evidence (3.33 mins)This video covers:

  • The process of completing an Apprentice record, ready for certification
  • Framework Tab
  • Status Tab
  • Certification Evidence Tab
  • How to avoid common errors when updating a record and uploading achievement evidence

Module 4: Completing An Error Free Apprentice Consent Form (2.17 mins)This video covers:

  • The purpose of the form and how to complete it correctly
  • How to avoid common errors on the form, which result in a regular 20% rejection of all submitted forms!

Module 5: Understanding & Addressing ACE Rejections (2.02 mins)This video covers:

  • How rejections are notified to you
  • Rejection reason/s given and the importance of addressing ALL of the stated rejection reasons
  • How to get further help if you are unsure or disagree with a rejection

Module 6: ACE Support & Guidance Resources (2.38 mins)This video covers:

  • Available ACE website resources
  • Acceptable Evidence Tab
  • Knowledge Base Tab
  • Transferable Skills Guidance
  • How To Use ACE Guides (especially good for new users)
  • ACE-IT (our online training tool)
  • News Articles (with access to the archive)

Module 7: Reporting (2.25 mins)This video covers:

  • Reporting function and reports dashboard
  • Default charts and how to change the data presented
  • CSV reports – how to customise them by altering a range of criteria to suit your needs
  • How to request additional, bespoke reports