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Framework Details

Framework Title: Providing Financial Services
ID: FR04020
Level/s: 2, 3
Issuing Authority: Financial Services Partnership (FSP)
Issue Date: 16/01/2017

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Contact Information

Contact Email: certification@sfjuk.com

The purpose of this framework is to train insurance underwriters, claims and broking staff, banking cashiers/call centre advisers, investment operators, pension administrators, financial advice and mortgage support staff and those involved in debt collections.
This framework will be available at Levels 2 and 3 and is relevant for the following job roles:

Level 2

Insurance Underwriting Administrators;
Claims Handling Administrators;
Broking Administrators;
Banking Cashiers;
Banking Call Centre Advisers;
Investment Information Administrators.

Level 3

Trainee Underwriter
Trainee Claims Official;
Trainee Broker or Sales Representative;
Senior Bank Cashiers;
Senior Customer Advisers;
Foreign Currency Advisers;
Corporate Actions/Settlement Advisers;
Pension Administrators/Team Leaders.

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