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Across all of the top level tabs you will be able to search for apprentices. In order to do this you will need to open the search facility by selecting the tab ‘show advanced search’ which will reveal the search facility.


There are a variety of search options available, using both text and drop down menus. This allows you to set the required search criteria. You can search by:


. Apprentice Forename/Surname

. Date of Birth (range)

. Identifiers (ACE No. or NI No.)

. Status (any or specific)

. Framework/Pathway

. Entered date (range)

. Certification Date


When you have set your required search criteria click the Search Button. If you have made any errors with the search criteria you can select the reset fields option. You can hide the search facility again by selecting the hide advanced search facility button.


Or click the Magnifying Glass ‚to reveal the Find option. The drop down menu allows you to search by:


• Surname

• Forename

• NI Number


Once you have entered your search criteria you must then press the enter key to initiate the search.


To navigate between pages you can use the blue arrow keys or type in the white box area to specify a page.


The displaying information text shows how many items there are in total and what page is showing.


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