Knowledge Base / Managing My Tickets

Once a ticket has been raised you will be able to view it, along with any other raised tickets on the overview page.


managing ticket



You will be automatically directed to this page once a ticket has been raised, or you can navigate via the Tickets tab, selecting ‘My Tickets’. You can also view tickets raised by your colleagues by selecting ‘Company Tickets’.


search tickets wee option


Tickets will be displayed with the following information –


  • Ticket# – each ticket receives a number, allowing for easier management and retrieval, if required.
  • Title – this will be the title you gave the ticket, along with some of the text included.
  • State – Tickets   –
  • New (the ACE team has yet to pick this up)
  • Open (the Ace team have responded),
  • Closed Successful (your query has been resolved).


You can further expand any ticket by hovering over it, making sure it is highlighted, and clicking into it



hoovering over it


The raised ticket will be displayed with the response beneath –



raised tickets displayed


These tickets can be printed out if required via the printer icon –


printed out


And you will receive the following print out similar to the one below –


printed out1


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