Knowledge Base / Introduction to ACE

The Federation is the certifying authority for apprenticeships in England and hosts Apprenticeship Certificates

England (ACE).


ACE is a web based system that is designed to enable access to training providers, employers and

apprentices to request Apprenticeship completion certificates.


The Federation sits in the middle of a hub and spoke model where SSC/SSBs use ACE to:

• Receive requests for certificates from learning providers, employers or apprentices.

• Review submitted requests and evidence provided and either approve or reject, with appropriate

reason/s and certification requests.

• Print and issue Apprenticeship Completion Certificates, providing that all of the current Apprenticeship

framework requirements have been met.


It is unlikely that many individual apprentices will be directly requesting their completion certificate via

ACE and they are more likely to do this via their training provider. However, the ACE system does facilitate apprentices applying directly for their own completion certificates.


NB: Where an apprentice requests that a third party (training provider, employer or parent/

guardian) apply for their completion certificate, on their behalf, they MUST give their authorisation

for this to happen. There is a specific Apprentice Declaration and Authorisation Form for this purpose

can be found here: A copy must be completed & signed, then uploaded to ACE.

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