03. Administration


Once logged in you will see the Certification Body dashboard.


This dashboard shows you the Certification Bodies that your ACE account is linked to.


In order to proceed, select the Certification Body by clicking on the appropriate box. This will take you to the Entered tab within ACE.


If you are within one Certification Body area on ACE you are able to swap by selecting the dashboard tab at the bottom of every page. This will then allow you to return to the dashboard landing page and allow you to go to other Certification Bodies.




Due to a number of Centres not yet registered for Super Centres on ACE 2.0 we regret that the reporting tools on ACE are not functioning correctly for all users.
If you have registered your Super Centre(s) on ACE 2.0 but you think your reports are incorrect please contact the ACE Support Team as it is possible one of your old Centres has not been linked to your new account.

And if you have not yet registered for Super Centre access please do so as soon as possible here.
If you have confirmed with the ACE team that all of your old Centres are now linked to new Super Centre(s) you will be able to download accurate reports from the ACE Dashboard.




These reports are some basic commonly requested reports, however once all old Centres have been registered with new Super Centres on ACE 2.0 the Federation will be offering a new bespoke reporting services which will allow you to design your own reports. More information on these bespoke reports will be available on the ACE website shortly.



Once you have selected the CB on the dashboard you will be directed to the Entered tab within ACE and see this image with the following options:


1. Entered – View, Add or Bulk Upload apprentices.
2. Rejected – View and update apprentices for certification.
3. Pending Certification – View apprentices awaiting certification.
4. Certificate Approved – View apprentices that are waiting for their certificate to be printed. Once they have been printed the apprentice will be removed from this folder.
5. Certificate Printed – This tab is where all of the apprentices that have been certificated will be archived. You can access and search for apprentices within this tab.
6. Notifications – View messages from the Federation and Certification Bodies about system/certification process changes or updates.
7. Show Advanced Search – Once selected this will allow you to view the search facility options and will appear under every status tab (1-5). Once you have finished your search you can hide the search box again by selecting the Hide Advanced Search button.

NB:- The numbers in brackets, on each of the tabs, indicates the number of records currently active within each of the tabbed categories.
ADDITIONAL OPTIONS – along bottom of screen
8. Top – Takes you back to the top of the current screen.
9. Contact Us – Contact details for Federation for Industry Sector Skills and Standards, managers of ACE.
10. Users* – Allows users of ACE to be created. More information can be found on here.
11. Organisation Details* – Check organisation details
12. Search Tools – You can use the search tools to filter information. More information can be found here.
*Only visible to Centre Admin User

How To Add / Edit Users

To add a new user:


— Select the Users Tab and click Add User‚.


— Enter all of the information ensuring that the contact details are correct.


— Once complete, select Create Item.


Note: in order for the new user to see apprentices within ACE you will need to assign CBs to the account (see Linking Bodies for further details).


To edit an existing User:


— Double click on the username and amend the detail, then select Update Item.


The option for read only allows you to provide colleagues access ACE but block access to apprentice records. They will only be able to access the reporting functionality of the system.


3.1 add edit users



Please note only Centre Admin logins can add and amend User details.

How to Disable User Accounts

Within the ACE system you are able to disable ACE user accounts. This will keep the history of the user’s activity but will mean that they no longer have access to the system. Only the Centre Admin User can make these changes – this is the person who registered with ACE.


To disable an account:


• Double click on the User to open the record.


• Click on the drop down arrow next to User Status and select Inactive‚.


• Click Update Item to save changesƒ.


The Centre Admin User is able to update their own name and email address details but the log in details are set by the system. If you need to update the Centre details open the user account amend the required details and then select the update item button.


disable user accounts

How to View & Amend Organisation Details

This screen is where you can view the organisation details, such as your postal and email addresses. If there are any amendments required please update the details in the form and click the Update button.


Please ensure you keep you contact details up-to-date so we can contact you if need be.



Linking Certification Bodies

To link with Certificaton Bodies you will need to go to the organisation details page and then select the linked bodies tab.


Once in the linked bodies tab you will see a list of the Certification Boides. Select the Certification Bodies that you want to work with or deselect any that you do not work with (please note that you can only remove assocations with Certification Bodies if you have no apprentices registered with that account). Once you have the correct Certification Bodies selected you will need to select the update button which will save the Certification Bodies and display these on your dashboard.



Individual Administration Certification Body Access

The Centre Admin user can control the Certification Bodies each user works with. The Centre Admin user can do this by going into the individual user details and selecting the linked bodies tab. This will bring up a list of the bodies that your centre is linked with. You can then use the tick boxes to select the Certification Bodies. Once you have selected those the administrator works with, select the update item button.


This can be done per user which will allow those with large teams to assign certain Certification Bodies to admin staff.