ACE Operational Issues

ACE Operational Support – Notifications

In order that you are kept up to date with current support and guidance the Federation will inform you of changes to both the ACE system and the certification process via Notifications.


These can be found at the top of the page and when you have unread messages the number of unread messages will appear in red. A pop up will also appear when you login to let you know that you have new or unread messages.






If you experience problems while using the system, the ACE support team are available to help:


Telephone: 0300 303 4444


Are there any training materials available to help me with the ACE system?

Training guides for ACE are available to download at the top of the Knowledge Base page of the ACE website.

Can I upload more than one apprentice at a time?

ACE has a feature which will allow you bulk upload apprentices using a CSV file. All mandatory fields must have data entered into them otherwise it will create errors and won’t upload. A copy of the bulk upload template can be accessed from within ACE or requested from The ACE Support Team on 0300 303 4444 or

I can’t see the framework needed for an apprentice.

You will need to contact the relevant Certification Body to have them assign the relevant framework to your ACE profile.


How do I make certificate claims via the ACE system?

In order to claim for an Apprenticeship Completion Certificate, you will need to upload evidence of an apprentice’s successful achievement / completion of all components of their Apprenticeship framework (e.g. copies of certificates and declaration forms). Evidence must be uploaded to the ‘Evidence Tab’ within the Apprentice’s record on the ACE system.


The easiest way to do this is with a scanner. The maximum size of file that can be uploaded to ACE is 3 megabytes (MB). If your file is bigger than this then you will have to adjust resolution settings on your scanner to reduce the file size. Certification Bodies will also accept photos of a certificate / document, if it is of sufficient high quality.


Please make sure that all documents that are uploaded to ACE are fully complete and clearly legible.

I got the following error message while trying to upload some certificate evidence:- ‘We have encountered problems with this upload. Please try again!’

There are a couple of reasons why this might be happening. The first might be that the file is too large. ACE has a strict 3MB size limit. If your file is over that limit then scan it again at a lower resolution and re-check the file size.


The second may be that the file name needs changed. File names cannot include any symbols including ‘&’, ‘(‘, ‘)’ or ‘*’ and can have no double spacing. This error is less common as most programs usually don’t allow you to save files with these characters.


For details of ACE contacts in any of the Certification Bodies, then please click here.

The ACE Support Team on 0300 303 4444 or who will be able to provide the up-to-date information.

All of the certificate evidence I uploaded disappeared after I changed to a new framework. Do I need to upload this again?

Yes, unfortunately you will need to re-upload the evidence. As the evidence requirements differ from framework to framework, a change in the framework will result in ACE clearing the existing evidence from the Evidence Tab.

I have entered all of my learner’s details and uploaded their certificate evidence. How do I process the certification request?

If you’re happy that the learner’s evidence is ready to be submitted for certification approval then you need to change the learner’s status from Entered to Pending Certification. You can do this by going to the Status Tab within the apprentice’s ACE record and selecting ‘Pending Certification’ from the drop down box.


Once you have done this, a validation box will be displayed on screen. This summarises the information that you have entered to ACE and gives you the opportunity to correct any mistakes that you spot. Please note that the printed certificate will take the name information exactly as it has been inputted by you, so check that the spelling and formatting is as you require. Any missing information is identified for you and you have the opportunity to amend this prior to the claim being submitted.


Once you confirm the change of status to Pending Certification ACE will check that all the mandatory fields have been completed. If there is mandatory information missing the learner status will remain as Entered and you will have to input the missing data before changing the status back to Pending Certification.

It has been over 10 working days since I have heard about my claim.

All Certification Bodies should review your certificate claim within 10 working days. Please contact them directly if you have any queries about the progress and status of your claim.


The apprentice has changed their name since starting their Apprenticeship. Can I request the certificate in their new name?

Yes. The name that appears on the certificate is taken directly from ACE. If an apprentice changes their name then please change this within ACE and then upload the relevant supporting documentation to evidence this change.


For example, a marriage certificate, deed poll name change document, etc. The supporting  evidence can be uploaded on the Evidence Tab within the field labelled Additional Documents.

Why has my certificate request been rejected?

The reason(s) why a certification claim has been rejected should be added by the relevant Certification Body. The details of this can be found on the Status Tab in the learner’s ACE record. You can access this by clicking on the yellow Rejected Request section under Status History and reading the reason(s) for the rejection.


The ACE user who originally submitted the claim, plus your ACE Administrator, will have received a notification detailing the reason(s) for the rejection. If you require any further clarification then please contact the relevant Certification Body directly.


What do I need to do if an Apprenticeship Completion Certificate claim is rejected?

To make the required amendments, click on the Certification Evidence tab in ACE. Certification Bodies now have the ability to lockdown evidence once they have checked, verified and approved it. This means that if you have a learner record rejected, any evidence that has previously been checked and approved will have a green tick alongside it and can no longer be edited / replaced / deleted. Unchecked evidence fields can still be edited and will give access to the Choose File, Delete and Upload buttons.


Please remember: After making any change to a learner record on ACE, you need to click the Update button at the bottom of the screen to confirm and save the changes that you have made.


Also, please note that if you change the framework details, you will lose all of the evidence previously uploaded against this learner. This is because the evidence requirements differ between frameworks. Please re-upload the relevant evidence before re-submitting the learner for certification approval.

When will the certificates be issued?

Following submission of all evidence for an Apprenticeship Completion Certificate, it is reviewed and checked by the relevant Certification Body. If all of the framework’s requirements are met then the claim is authorised and approval for a certificate to be printed is given.


All Certification Bodies have slightly different processes for the printing of certificates but all will ensure that the certificates are printed and despatched within a timely manner following claim approval. This is usually within a few days of the approval date.

Will we receive e-mail confirmation that the certificate has been issued?

No. Currently ACE does not send e-mail notifications that certificates have been printed. This is functionality that we may consider providing if it is identified as one that would be of benefit to ACE system users.

Can we request copies of an Apprenticeship Completion Certificate?

Yes. Re-prints of a Completion Certificate can be requested from the relevant Certification Body.
There is a standard fee for this which is currently £7.50 (correct as at 1/1/2013).


Can apprentice details be uploaded to ACE before completion of the Apprenticeship Framework?

Yes. ACE is not a mandatory registration system however, Centres are actively encouraged to enter apprentice details to ACE as soon as possible after the learner has started on their programme.


The basic details for the apprentice, their Employer and the Framework they are undertaking can all be added as soon as possible. As the apprentice completes each part of their framework and evidence becomes available then this can be uploaded to the ACE system in readiness for the submission of the claim for the Apprenticeship Completion Certificate. Uploading apprentice data early can help to avoid a big piece of uploading work when it comes time to claim certificates.

What do we do if an apprentice leaves their Apprenticeship after we have loaded their details, do we need to record that the apprentice will not be completing their Apprenticeship?

For apprentices who are not completing their Apprenticeship, we would encourage Centres to update an apprentice’s ACE record with a ‘Reason for Leaving’. This information helps us to analyse the reasons why some Apprenticeships are not completed. You can then delete the apprentice record from the ACE system.

Do we need to upload an apprentice’s details again when they progress from Intermediate Level to Advanced Level?

Yes. If an individual progresses to a higher level Apprenticeship and is already recorded on ACE you will need to input their details again. It will create a new ACE record for the apprentice.

Are there reports available from ACE to show which apprentices are recorded on the system and the status of those apprentices?

Yes. There is reporting functionality built into ACE which the ACE Centre Admin User can use. They can run a number of reports on their registered apprentices using a range of criteria.


For example, by framework, by status and by date ranges (of entry to ACE or date of certification). Reports produced can be exported to Excel for further filtering, sorting and printing.


If you have any questions with reporting from ACE, then please contact:

The ACE Support Team on: 0300 303 4444 or

What days and times are the ACE Support Team available to take queries?

The ACE Support Team are available Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. They can be contacted on 0300 303 4444 or via e-mail at