10. ACE Frequently Asked Questions

There are several people in my organisation who need access to ACE, do we all need to register?

No, only one person per Training Provider, College or Employer (known as a “Centre”) needs to register. They will be set up as an Administrator account for the organisation. They will be issued with an ACE username and password. The Administrator (super user) will then be able to create and manage individual username/passwords for other users within their organisation.

I need to create more users but the system won’t let me.

If additional user accounts need to be added then the Centre User will be able to set up accounts for colleagues to access the system.


For more information on how to add users, see How To Add / Edit Users

I haven’t received my username and password.

If you have yet to receive your ACE login details, please contact the ACE Support Team:


Phone: 0844 573 2560


email: ace@fisss.org



I’ve forgotten my username / password.

If you have forgotten your password, click on the Forgotten Password link, next to the login button. Enter your username and email address that was used to register your ACE account and a link to reset your password will be sent to that address.


If you have forgotten any of the required details, then please contact the ACE Support Team.



Can I change my password?

To update your details including usernames and passwords, please see How To View & Amend Organisation Details


What is your Customer Service Charter?

Support provided to our customers by the Federation and our network of Certificating Bodies (CBs) is crucial for the long term health and quality of the Apprenticeship Certification service.


This Customer Charter sets out minimum levels of service that apprentices and claimants can expect from the Federation and our network of CBs that process claims.


It sets out our joint commitment to make the process of applying for an apprenticeship completion certificate as efficient as possible, underpinned by timely and effective communication and support.


The effectiveness of this charter will be measured by customer surveys, the number of appeals / complaints, timely certifications and rejection rates.


We commit to:


  • certification decisions in line with Federation Policy, Framework requirements and the ASCL Act.
  • identifying all reasons for rejection at each “pending certification” stage
  • reducing rejection rates by making the application process as clear and accessible as possible
  • process certification claims within 10 working days
  • responding to phone, email and system messages within 48Hrs (within business hours)
  • completing appeals and complaints within 15 days
  • publish information on how to contact the Federation or a CB to discuss certification claims.
  • publish information for making an appeal against a rejected claim
  • publish the process for making a complaint about a CB or the Federation.


Our expectations of organisations that use our certification services:


  • development of knowledge and expertise in the claim process
  • claims that are ‘right first time’
  • understanding framework requirements at the start of training so that the correct evidence is available at certification
  • clear presentation of evidence in certification claims.

Previously I have been able to log in but now I am getting an error message saying:- “Login Failed”.

If you have been issued with a username and password and have previously been able to access ACE but can no longer log in, then you may have made a mistake typing in your details. Please re-check and try again.


If you continue to have problems then this may be because your ACE account has been disabled.  This could be because you have updated your contact details or a Certification Body needs to confirm something with you before proceeding with the certification process.


Please contact the relevant Certification Body directly to discuss further.

Previously I have been able to log in but now it clears my username and password without displaying an error message.

As the ACE system is updated on a weekly basis we recommend typing the https://acecerts.co.uk URL into the address bar of your browser every time you want to access ACE. Often when you save the URL in your favourites tab, or try accessing ACE from a link in an e-mail, your computer will try to access an older version of the system. Please clear your cookies and cache from your browser and try opening ACE again.


If you continue to have problems logging in then please check your computer ACE compatibility here.

And if problems persist then please contact:

The ACE Support Team on 0844 573 2560 or ace@fisss.org

I log in and the screen is blank.

Your firewall is blocking access to the website; you will need to update settings to allow access and add ACE to your whitelist.


If you continue to have problems logging in then please check your computer ACE compatibility here.


If problems persist then please contact the ACE Support Team on 0300 303 4444 or ace.helpdesk@fisss.org

I would like to complain about the service provided?

A complaint against the Federation or any one of the CBS can be made at any time – download the Complaint Procedure

I would like to appeal against a rejection decision?

ACE certification decisions can be appealed providing you have discussed the rejection reason and corrective action options with the relevant Certification Body (CB). If the matter is not resolved after speaking to the CB, you can appeal the decision by following this procedure (Sample appeal form)